To ensure smooth arrivals and departures of containers at Sea Forest Waterway, Yamato Global Logistics Japan Co., Ltd. (YGL) has been appointed as our designated container handler at the venue. Their information on shipping for the 2019 World Rowing Junior Championships, including a detailed guide on customs and freight forwarding can be found below. For any teams wishing to use their services an order form and contact address can be found below.

General points applicable to all teams

On 45ft containers

  • 45ft containers can only be handled by Yamato, and only when delivered to Tokyo Port. Any 45ft containers handled by other freight forwarders will not be accepted at Sea Forest Waterway.
  • All 45ft containers must be shipped to the Tokyo Port, as road transportation of these containers is generally prohibited in Japan. Special regulations have been made to ensure transport of 45ft containers to Sea Forest Waterway from Tokyo Port.

On customs procedures

  • Teams are encouraged to ship their equipment under an ATA Carnet. However, please keep in mind that under this agreement, all equipment must leave Japan within 1 year after arrival.

On venue delivery and venue access

  • Container delivery timeframe at SFW: 22-26 July. All container deliveries have to be coordinated with the OC and Yamato. Please communicate your container shipping plan to rowing.yamato@y-logi.com. For any other large venue deliveries, including boat trailers, please coordinate your delivery through the OC via info@2019wrjch.jp.
  • No teams will be allowed access prior to 1 August 9.00am.
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