Information for Teams

Summary of Deadlines

Please refer to the schedule below and make sure to book or send the items by the respective deadlines. This will allow the Organising committee to prepare your accommodation, transportation and meals, we appreciate your cooperation. Please take a look at the individual pages if you wish to see more details.


All official participants of the 2019 World Rowing Junior Championships are strongly advanced to take out a medical insurance policy in their respective countries.

Title Content Deadline
Accommodation Reservation 31-Mar-19
Payment 40% deposit of accommodation 31-May-19
Payment remaining amount of accommodation 30-Jun-19
Catering Food allergies and intolerances announcement 30-Jun-19
Transportation Final travel information 30-Jun-19
Accreditation Accreditation Forms to FISA 9-Jul-19
Entry Preliminary entry to FISA 31-Mar-19
Entry by Boat and Name to FISA 27 July 2019
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